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Sunday 29 November 2020

About Us

The winery is a young-aged, womanly family business, indeed 6 components out of 7 in the family are women: Graziano is the householder, his wife Paola cooperating with him; Lucia is envolved in the sales and in the cellar duties; Elisa is close to graduating in Economics-IBA; the other daughters Anna, Valeria and Angela are yet attending school.


Our philosophy

The philosophy of the wine house can be summarized as follows: to take care of the product from the grapes to the bottle, starting from a raw material known by origin and history, and to overlook every stage of the production with costant passion and methodical discipline. Briefly speaking, Passion, Experience, Quality and Familiarity are the four essential elements: also for the visitor to feel at home.


The Respect of our Land

 The farm features an underground cellar for a more natural visual impact on the environment and for the best preservation and maturation of the product. In the cellar you can savor and enjoy that healthy and delicious fragrance delivered by the vine's fruit, here essentially treated, without any use of herbicides.



 The grapes are harvested by hand with the utmost care in a cheerful and healthy festive atmosphere. New wine-making technologies have been adopted by "San Gregorio" to implement the best wine-making processes. Every detail is carefully controlled from production to bottling, thus ensuring the origin and uniqueness of our own wines.


The legend of St. Gregory

San Gregorio (St. Gregory) is the name of a neightbourhood of Valdobbiadene and the name Graziano Bortolomiol's vineyard. A happy choice, as the name adorns the history of a busy town, where the vine creates a garden of nature.


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